About Us

I’m a wax expert obsessed with body care. I founded Buff Wax Spot, a chain of wax bars that delivers fab tip-to-toe waxing for soft, smooth skin. I noticed there was a dearth of good-quality body care products to support freshly waxed body + intimate skin. So, I created my own line: Buff Experts.

Buff Experts is a juicy, bold and plant-powered collection of body care products formulated so you experience visibly healthier skin post-wax or shave. We focus on clean, high-quality botanical ingredients so you get professional results without added chemical nasties. From pH-balanced cleansers to intensely moisturizing oils and creams and exfoliating tools you can't live without, I guarantee you'll feel fresh, soft and smooth all over. Once you start using our products you can say buh-bye to ingrown hairs, razor bumps, redness, irritation and dry skin because trust me, you won't be seeing them anymore!