About Us

My name is Sina Zere and together with my husband Brandon, founded Buff Experts. Our brand centers on a juicy, bold and plant-powered collection of body care products. Our story started with our exasperation that face skin gets all the attention! Buff Experts is for people who are fed up with ineffective ingredients and want to feel great about what they put on their bodies. We thoughtfully create products so that you can feel confident and sexy in your skin with affordably priced products that look amazing on your vanity. Our line of clean body care beauty products is crafted to pamper and protect all our gorgeous nooks and crannies from neck to toe that require tender care. The focus is on high-quality, plant-powered ingredients that cleanse, moisturize and protect your beautiful bod. You'll feel good, smell good, and look oh-soo good!

As an African-Canadian woman, I'm fascinated by the flora and fauna of my heritage. These include beautiful ingredients like mango, aloe vera, papaya and sunflower seed oil. The plants and ingredients that have been used in African women's beauty routines over the centuries are honoured in Buff Experts.

A note about our intimate care products: this collection is near and dear to my heart. I suffered terribly from gynecological issues as a very young woman and through education and natural products was finally able to reclaim my health. V-care is important because frankly, our lady bits deserve TLC. When it comes to intimate care, I envision a new norm where women are educated on and empowered to properly take care of their lady gardens. We’re at the beginning of a revolution in our personal wellness and I hope you’ll join me in helping women everywhere access great care for down there.

Sina & Brandon